Datakom DKG-109 Automatic Mains Failur Unit



The DKG-109 is a comprehensive AMF unit for a single genset standby or dual genset mutual standby operations.

The standard model has MPU inputs. The DKG-109J model has CANBUS inputs.

The operation of the unit is controlled with front panel pushbuttons. The RUN, AUTO and STOP pushbuttons select the operating mode. Other buttons select the display parameter scroll, alarm mute and lamp test functions.

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True RMS measurements

Automatic mains failure

Engine control

Gas engine support

Engine idle speed control

Generator protection

Built in alarms and warnings

Magnetic pickup input

Remote Start operation available

Dual genset mutual standby operation

Load shedding, dummy load

Periodic maintenance request monitoring

Event logging with measurements

Statistical counters

Field adjustable parameters

Logic level serial port

Firmware downloadable from serial port

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:

    -monitoring and control

    -download of parameters

    -upload of parameters

GSM SMS message sending on fault

MODBUS communications

Graphic LCD display (128×64 pixels)

User friendly graphic indicators

Triple language support

Customer logo display capability

Protected semiconductor digital outputs

Configurable analogue inputs: 3

Configurable digital inputs: 5

Configurable relay outputs: 2

Total relay outputs: 6

Survives cranking dropouts

Sealed front panel

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement

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