Dtakom DKG-207 Automatic Mains Failure Unit



The DKG-207 is a comprehensive AMF unit for a single generating set operating in standby mode.

In AUTOMATIC position, DKG-207 monitors mains phase voltages and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generating set in case of a mains failure and once the generator is running, it monitors internal protections and external fault inputs.

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Automatic mains failure

Engine control

Gas engine support

Generator protection

Built in alarms and warnings

3 phase mains voltage inputs

1 phase genset voltage input

1 phase genset CT input

Engine oil pressure measurement

Engine coolant temperature measurement

Genset active power measurement (1 phase)

Genset power factor measurement (1 phase)

Periodic maintenance request indicator

Daily / weekly / monthly exerciser

Statistical counters

Field adjustable parameters

Logic level serial port used with the optional RS-232 adapter

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:

    -local, LAN,  IP and modem connection

    -monitoring, download of parameters

LED displays

Configurable analogue inputs: 2

Configurable digital inputs: 5

Configurable relay outputs: 2

Total relay outputs: 6

Remote Start operation available

Survives cranking dropouts

Sealed front panel

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement

Small dimensions (130x100x39mm)

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